We speak one language: design

Design is everywhere, influencing our decisions both consciously and unconsciously. As people who work on and with design every day, we feel this effect more keenly – we make decisions based on a well-designed appearance. This fascinates us, which is why design is our language. We use this language to make complex relationships understandable, to clarify stances and to position companies. We are visual translators of your business communications.


We love communicating on equal terms

Nothing can replace a personal conversation – otherwise, those welcoming smiles, descriptive gestures and immediate reactions would go unnoticed. This personal contact is the basis of a trusting partnership and is our hallmark.

We look at the current state of your business communication from the outside, in an unpatronising way, taking the time to listen, advise and explain. After all, the creation of a new design solution is an extremely personal process – both for you and for us. Every day, our designers imagine themselves in our customers’ projects, every time leaving behind a small piece of their own personality in their work. Only in this way we can achieve what our customers need – an authentic and personal image of their corporate identity.

We can speak
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Thinking outside the box

We never stop questioning

Our company is modelled on a journalistic approach coupled with a childish curiosity to question and understand things. If a detail that has not been carefully considered catches our eye, we question it. If there is no explanation, we have to work together until it is coherent. How do we do this? With creativity and structure – because we can only effectively apply our creativity within a clearly structured work process. This is why all our projects follow a specific workflow. This workflow is flexible and allows creativity but, at the same time, it is result driven and productive. Find out for yourself.

Arbeitsweise Bourdonné Design


Executive board

BOUR‍DON‍NÉ DE‍SIGN is owner-operated but, above all, personal. Our managing directors are always available for our customers and they work on projects on a daily basis – just sitting around and delegating would be too boring for them.

Marie Bourdonné Bourdonné Design
Marie Bour‍don‍né

Born and raised in France, and then moved to Germany. She is the creative mind and the organisational talent of the agency. Before the foundation of BOUR‍DON‍NÉ DE‍SIGN Ma‍rie has worked as a designer for over 10 years at different agencies and for various major clients. She has won several design awards for her work.

Jo‍shua Klein‍sor‍ge

Everything related to numbers and text at BOUR‍DON‍NÉ DE‍SIGN is his responsibility. After studying German and Political Sciences, Jo‍shua worked as a freelance copywriter and journalist for various media outlets. His journalistic understanding enables him to look at tasks and requirements from a different angle.

Joshua Kleinsorge Bourdonné Design
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We focus on our core business. For everything else, we rely on the expertise of our partners.

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