Special colours, finishing, ...? Nope, just CMYK

Draft, design

Just CMYK – the printing process reduced to the basics. For our customer, print house Ley + Wie‍gandt, we placed the focus on the history of printing when designing the wrapping paper. The result is a journey through the history of printing technology, with colours that shine in their pure form.

Simple, but beautiful: CMYK

Wrapping paper mainly has a decorative function. However, it can transport a message while looking pretty at the same time. We illustrated the customer’s working processes and methods with a creative twist.

About our client

Founded in Wuppertal in 1913; owner-operated and family-owned ever since. Print house Ley + Wie‍gandt provides the all services of a modern print house, from the preliminary stage all the way to storage and fulfilment services.

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