At the touch of a button
Tasta and the future of door communication

Draft, implementation

Tasta is the latest generation of TCS indoor stations. It features a modular structure, has a minimalistic design and is easy to operate. These are also the criteria we kept in mind when designing the flyer for the product launch. All features and benefits of the product were arranged on a 433 x 340 mm flyer so as to allow readers the playful experience of discovering them bit by bit when unfolding the flyer. After unfolding three sections, the reader is presented with the highlight: two full-scale images of the product.

The folding flyer is a clear advantage here. The reader’s eye is guided when unfolding the flyer, thereby enabling a targeted and controlled information flow.

Systematic product launch

The folding flyer was designed as the central medium for the product launch of Tasta. We also developed further media that were needed for trade fairs and marketing. Each medium features a large image of Tasta in the foreground, embedded in the newly developed graphical key visual in white and teal.

About our client

TCS AG is a family business that has been developing and manufacturing system technology for building communication since 1995. Their products range from simple door intercom systems to complex individual system solutions.

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