Connected products and system applications explained in simple terms

Design, infographics

Technical systems are inherently complex and difficult for people who are not familiar with them to understand. We have visualised these complex interrelationships and technical ways of working for TCS AG. The isometric system illustrations describe various installation and communication situations in real-life application scenarios. How the TCS products and the connectivity between them work is now easy to understand at first glance even for people who aren’t trained electricians.

  • Helpful

    Well-thought-out and logically structured systematic infographics


    The TCS infographics have a multi-layered structure. Whereas the illustrative layer tells a story, the application level explains how the products and systems work.

About our client

TCS AG is a family business that has been developing and manufacturing system technology for building communication since 1995. Their products range from simple door intercom systems to complex individual system solutions.

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