Haptic, optical, practical

Design, production support

People are able to experience and evaluate quality with all of their senses. The GREN‍KE brand book plays with these senses. When you run your fingers over the cover, you can feel the structure of the uncoated paper and perceive the elevated spot varnish of the GREN‍KE lettering. The eye detects the high-quality workmanship and harmonious design, and the blue ribbon matches the endpaper, which is adorned with the white screen print of the GREN‍KE slogan.

About our client

The company was founded by Wolf‍gang Gren‍ke in 1978 and gradually evolved into a group of companies that operates in 31 countries all over the world. The company focuses primarily on financial solutions in the areas of leasing, banking and factoring for small and medium-sized companies.

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